Athens Report is an interactive documentary and installation project that collects and archives interviews, reports, photographs and graffiti of life and protest in athens during the greek debt crisis.
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The classification of the Athens Report archive is organically associated to the public space. The VIDEO ROUTE of the historical trolley bus number 11 that crosses the center of Athens, connecting two of the oldest neighborhoods Pagrati and Patissia, functions here as a map. Clicking on the area of your interest the video automatically moves to the responding part of the route and by pausing it, you access the visual material attached to it.

On the ONLINE 11 section interviews-fragments of personal experiences of space and protest can be found, documented according to the location of the interviewees. On the GRAFFITI ROUTE there is available a digitized collection of street art, photographed around the boundaries of the trolley bus route. The Athens Report platform is a crowdsourcing project, continuously updated by the visitors’ uploads. Click on the UPLOAD MEDIA section to upload your own material and be a part of it.