Athens Report is an interactive documentary and installation project that collects and archives interviews, reports, photographs and graffiti of life and protest in athens during the greek debt crisis.
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The digital archive produced by the "Athens Report" surfaces along the route of a popular trolley bus line, number 11, which runs through the historical center of Athens and connects two densely populated neighborhoods, Pagrati and Patissia. The trolley bus route and main navigation of the platform, mapped through a video establishes the main topographical structure for the collection of audiovisual archives.

The route of trolley bus number 11 is selected as the main video navigation of the platform because of the emblematic significance of the neighborhoods it traverses: the center of the city, the Greek Parliament and Syntagma Square – the heart of the Greek 'occupy movement'- lower middle class and middle class districts and poorer areas populated by a high percentage of undocumented migrants.

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